Battery Care for Mobility Scooters

Battery Care for Mobility Scooters

For obvious reasons one of the most critical parts of the mobility scooter is its battery. 
All mobility scooters will come with some guidance for the battery, this will tell you how long the battery will last on a full charge, based on surface, load and speed.  If you purchase you mobility Scooter from Premier Community our engineers will be able to give you this information for your particular mobility scooter.
The battery will need to be fully charged before its first use, and may not provide maximum capacity until it has been run through 10-20 charging cycles. 
  1. the battery will discharge when the mobility scooter is not in use, so it would be an advantage for your storage place to have an electricity supply for recharging.

  1. that no matter how well you look after the battery its full capacity will reduce over time, so we would recommend having your battery tested as part of an annual service.

Premier Community's friendly staff are here to support you to get the most from your for mobility scooter.

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