Setting Up Care with Premier Community

How Can I Set up Home Care with Premier Community?

It couldn’t be more simple; use the contact details below, and we will lead you through the whole process. We will need the information to understand your needs and answer any questions you may have, such as availability, suitability, and general estimates of costings.  


When you are ready for the next step, we can arrange a home consultation with you and anyone else you would like to invite. We will begin by listening to you and what you want to achieve from your support at this meeting. We can discuss the tasks that need to be put in place to meet your needs. 

We will also be assessing any risks to ensure the support we give is safe for you and our employees, and we can answer any questions you may have. 

From all this information, we will form a unique tailor-made Care Plan with you and record it in our Digital Care Plan app. 

We can then begin to choose the most appropriate carers, home help or companions for your visits. 


This meeting is free of charge. There is no obligation to use Premier Community to go forward.  

If you do want to continue your journey with us, we will then schedule your visits to begin at a mutually acceptable date and time. 


We want to review Your Care Plan regularly to ensure that it accounts for any changing needs, and these reviews will also be free of charge.

For Further information:

Contact us:

Tel. 01623 810100

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