Recruiting Good Staff

How Do You Attract Good Staff?

Other providers and Premier Community have wonderful carers we employ, and this is a good thing! Similar to any working professional, suitable carers are attracted to organisations that care about them and the people they serve.

Our core ethos is evident, and our first focus, rightly so, are our service users; we find good staff agree and are looking for that environment where they can deliver quality care in a kind and conscientious way. Our experience shows us that this in itself attracts good staff in both the community, HQ and showrooms. 

We also value our staff, expressed in our terms and condition, pay structure, backup teams and training. We look for ways to express our thanks and pass on your compliments. Its been especially welcome during the Covid crisis, where carers have been fantastic at keeping our service users safe in challenging circumstances. Our Covid Team has been an enormous success, as has our PPE supply drop off’s.

Job satisfaction attracts and keeps good staff, and so we try very hard to give all our staff the added extras that our success enables us to do. An above-average hourly rate of pay, bonuses that reflect their loyalty, awards for excellence, career development, investment in equipment and technology, and most importantly, support out in the community from the backup teams.



Premier Community use a trained Recruitment Team to ensure all our employees are handpicked for their role. Before they meet any service users, each person is thoroughly vetted, including professional and personal references and a full DBS disclosure. 


Training and Supervision and Personal Development

Everyone at Premier Community will have their induction training, followed by specific training according to their role; for example, all Carers will work towards ‘The Care Certificate’ and are offered NVQ Apprenticeships in Adult Social Care up to Level 5. Our Registered Managers are working towards, or have already received, Level 5 Diploma’s in Leadership for Health and Social Care and Children and Young Peoples Services.


We train staff to meet your particular needs by shadow visits. This is where staff observe senior colleagues, followed by double up visits with senior colleagues until they can deliver your support. All new employees will receive a three to six month probation period to ensure they can carry out their work well.


The management team give regular supervisory sessions for reflective practice, personal development and assessments of skills. The management team will also perform spot checks and receive feedback from you at care plan reviews.


Premier Community is committed to high standards in delivering care and is rightly proud of all our Care Teams, who regularly go above and beyond for their service users. 


Our values as a company run right through our service personnel, we are one big team, and our focus is on you, our service user; together, we are the Premier Community

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