Cost of Home Care with Premier Community

How much does it cost to pay for home care with Premier Community?

We have set up our pricing structure in a way that allows us to deliver outstanding quality care, at very reasonable rate, with discounted amounts for longer calls, allowing us to deliver higher quality and value for money. 

Time                         Price

1 hour -                    £18.00 per hour

45 minutes -            £15.15  per hour

30 minutes -            £11.50  per hour

Waking Nights-      £19.00  per hour
Remember in your calculations cost is per staff member and depends on the number of staff required to meet your needs.
Use our ‘Cost Calculator’ on the web site to instantly estimate how much your service will cost per day, per week or per month 
Attendance Allowance
A benefit for people who have reach State Pension age, who need extra help to stay independent at home due to a disability or illness. You could get £59.70, or £89.15 a week to help with personal support. This is not means tested, so that everyone who is eligible will receive a payment.

Some local authorities will also offer council tax rebates if two people in one household receive Attendance Allowance.

See also our article, Who Pays for Home Care

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