Independence in Homecare

If I have a carer will I loose my independence?

We recognise that your independence is very precious to you, and its our first concern that you remain as self-sufficient as possible; we are not there to take your independence away, but to give it you back in as many ways as we can.


You will always be in control of the support you receive, and how we give that support. For example you may want assistance with washing, but can dress yourself. You may want to do everything yourself and just have someone around just in case you need a hand. Our Care Plan’s, enable us to record the tasks you want help with, and the tasks you can manage yourself, they allow us to deliver your care the way you prefer it to be done, even down to the colour of your tea! 


In some cases independence can be improved so much that you no longer need support, or can reduce your support; we have a steady flow of people who cancel services when rehabilitation is achieved, which is great news.


Our carers, home helps and companions will do nothing without your consent, and we promise we will go out of our way to work with you, so that your independence is central in our services.

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