Digital Care Planning

What is the Digital Care Plan?

Premier Community make good use of technology to deliver its services, both to you and our staff. It enables us to be flexible and efficient in delivering all our Home Care Services. It puts you at the heart of your care, and along with our ‘Live Team’ enables you to make instant adjustments, using your computer, tablet or telephone. This way you can be confident of a responsive, flexible and evolving service, meeting the outcomes you want from the support you receive.

Our staff all carry a mobile devise, which is loaded with the latest app technology. Including their call rota, addresses and maps. Enabling automatic, responsive, real time communications with their colleagues and headquarters. From the  data on their devise, their payments for mileage and wages can be made. More importantly the virtual world means they have instant support should they need it for themselves and for your care. As well as this, at their finger tips they have a growing library of courses and information to help them in their work. One of these Applications is the Digital Care Plan App - 

Generally it contains:-

   Personal details and preferences.

   Booked visit times.

   The names and contact details of others involved in your care.

   The Care Plan and all the information that goes towards forming the Care Plan. 

   Details of Car Reviews.

   The tasks to be completed.

   A resume of visits. 

   The name of the carer, home help or companion completing the visit

   Date and time of arrival and leaving

Advantages of the Digital Care App

How to Use Your Digital Care Plan App 
.Your Care Team will prompt you to down load the App from either android or apple app stores

 Your Care Team will then set up the Digital Care Plan, using your email address, giving you your personal ID and PIN number. This email will also contain full instructions on how to use the app. And the Care Team can also help you get started if you need more help.
This can be repeated for as many people as you want to have access to the Digital Care Plan.

Do I have to Use the Digital Care Plan App?
Our Carers will always use the Digital Care Plan App, however, if you prefer not to use it, your records can be down loaded at HQ and kept as a hard copy in your home. Further more, communication can be via telephone if you need to contact Premier Community.
For Further information:

Contact us:

Tel. 01623 810100




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