What is Home Care

What is Home Care?

The sort of Home Care we offer put’s you in control of your services, and with our experience, expertise and variety of options available, we can plan the support and care exactly the way you would like it.  Furthermore, adjusting your requirements going forward couldn’t be simpler; using our Digital Care Planning technology and our ‘Live Team’, you can make instant adjustments using your computer, or if you prefer the telephone. This way you can be confident of a responsive and evolving service meeting the outcomes you want, from the personal care you receive.

Everyone is different and has different needs and priorities.  Therefore, in our first meeting we begin the process of listening carefully to you, and if you would like your family as well, to discover what sort of support meets your needs. We will also carry out a care assessment and risk assessment as necessary. When we have all the information we need we then tailor make your unique care plan

All the information for your support is stored digitally, in our Digital Care Plan, which is accessible to you, the ‘Live Team’, and with your permission, your family. This way details of the care plan, including arrival and leaving times, tasks completed, and the outcomes we have monitored, can be seen and observed by everyone. It’s easy for you or your family to communicate any concerns or changes instantly, on your computer or by telephone, ensuring that by our next call your changes can be made. This way you remain in control and at the heart of all we do. Whether you live far away or close by, loved ones can have peace of mind that you are receiving the support you expected.

Home care may involve simple or complex interventions, it requires a degree of professionalism and expertise to achieve high standards and quality. We are confident that our recruitment, vetting and training enable us to offer a Care Team, ready and able to deliver not only first class care, but will do so with thoughtfulness and kindness.

If living independently at home is something you want to try and achieve, Premier Community’s award winning services are at hand to help, 24 hours a day. 

For Further information:

Contact us:   https://www.premiercommunity.co.uk/about-us/contact-us/

Tel. 01623 810100




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